Sail Transport Network's "trade association" structure:

Industry Friend                      $5,000 annually
Supporting Member             $1,000 annually
Participating Transporter    $100 annually
Sailor Friend / Nonprofit      $25 annually
Volunteer Associates           $0.

The importance of a diverse membership of supporters and sailors is to share expertise, increase opportunities in sail transport for education, profit and fun, and help usher out the dominant paradigm of bunker fuel and jet fuel in this greenhouse-afflicted, new post-peak-oil age.

That purpose is wonderful. But what specific benefits do Friends, Members and Associates get for their money? At this point we offer ads (e.g., Northwest Docks) on our websites (plural), articles on your most keen area of interest, fundraising assistance, advice, and free networking. We will be offering a database of opportunities and positions for finding and participating in voyages and other projects. Our working together leads to exciting collaborations that grow our movement and help sail transport businesses earn revenue.

To join at the level you wish, please send us an email or fax notifying our office that you wish your contribution (via PayPal or by check sent to the address below) to be counted toward the status you have selected. Please add a description of your business, group, or individual activity, plus any links.

Our STN burgee, pictured on our banner above, is available for you to fly on your ship or at your home or office. The first three Membership categories receive a gratis burgee. Any other Member can purchase one at cost ($25) plus handling and postage ($15) for a total of $40.

Thank you, and fair winds! - STN

Sail Transport Network
P.O. Box 3387
Santa Cruz, CA 95063 USA
Tel/Fax 1-215-243-3144